Legal Methods To Remove RipOff Reports

We have a well defined method of making a petition to Google to have your Ripoff report removed.

This involves copyrighting elements of your company name or other aspects of your business that is mentioned in the Ripoff report. You then legally own that phrase, name, description etc.....This is under the U.S. Berne Convention Implementation Act of 1988 that the USA and 179 other countries signed up for.

This is the international law on copyright.Once you have the certificates of copyright, you can send a copy of the certificates of copyrights, along with a letter written in jurisprudence (Legal Language) to the legal office of Google.

You are not accusing Google or threatening them with legal action, you are simply informing them that Ripoff Report are using your copyrighted name, company name etc... WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION and that you are requesting that Google respect the law and remove the listings because of "Copyright Infringement based on the US Berne Convention Implementation Act of 1988"

Google are very strict when it comes to copyright infringement.They take a very dim view of someone using logos, phrases and brand names that belong to other companies without their permission.

They will take this seriously and many times will comply. The listings will vanish.

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